Special Announcement

Our family is growing

Get ready for Facilities Management—times two. We’re teaming up with the experts at Jidan Cleaning for double the sprucing and pruning—now under one roof.

We’re pleased to announce that Jidan Cleaning has acquired Pieco Services Property Maintenance. Integrating our landscape and property maintenance brand with an industry commercial cleaning leader will enable us to care for the inside of your business while also providing the high-quality exterior services you’ve relied on for 20 years.

Our goal is to deliver seamless, all-inclusive resources to help customers manage their businesses— organization and ease with double the manpower making your business look better from the inside out.

"I’m excited about this opportunity and feel comfortable knowing that Pieco will continue to deliver the same quality of product and service under Jidan Cleaning’s management,” said Bobby Scannapieco, Founder of Pieco Services.

Check out our expanded menu of services on the Jidan Cleaning website.